During our work experience, we have often had to do with different problems that required similar technological solutions. These solutions have now matured into self-contained projects, that serve as tried and tested foundations for upcoming projects.

These technologies are in continual maintenance and refinement, and are our initial starting base for solutions to future projects.


BeniCMS is our Content Management System, which serves as our base for building websites (including this one) and is built to be flexible, extendable and easy to use from our clients.

  • Multilingual. Allows for the authoring of content in an unlimited number of languages, which can be changed not only during the design of the website, but at any time throughout its lifetime.
  • Adaptive Media. Images, videos and dowloadable files are stored in their respective central repositories, from where they are referenced to be used in the site's pages and articles. They are automatically resized, cutting down on the time needed to prepare them.
  • Protective Design. Guarantees that content entered during the site's lifetime matches the same visual standards specified in the initial design. During authoring and editing, the user can specify the semantic meaning (paragraph, heading, subheading, list, etc.) and not the appearance (color, typeface, character size, etc.)
  • SEO - friendly. The generated pages are optimized to be easily digestible by search engines. The CMS generates clean, standards-compliant code, and uses caching, minifying and combining of assets to significantly improve site performance.
  • Dynamic Structure. The site's structure is modifiable at any time. Pages can be added, removed, reordered and re-positioned hierarchically. After each modification, menus and links on the site update automatically to reflect the changes.
  • Open Architecture. Able to define content types of virtually any level of complexity. Able to create and modify any number of content types.
  • Modular Components. Parts of pages with repeated functionality can be encapsulated into reusable components. When you modify a component, the changes reflect in all instances.
  • Relational Integrity. Any reusable element (image, content article, component, downloadable file, etc.) keeps track of it's own usage, and makes it impossible to damage the site's integrity by accidental deletion of referenced elements.

Turbina is our foundation for the construction of web applications. Based on established design paterns, it boasts a high modularity, making it very adept at prototyping, and rapid application development.


LIVEdecision is a collection of technologies that enables the creation of interactive broadcast TV graphics. By using platforms such as Unity, Flash and CasparCG, and outputing through Decklink or Matrox hardware, it enables us to build very specific software that responds to un-scripted events such as election results, game and quiz shows, or real-time news.