Informed Problem Solving

We formed our studio around one central principle: Informed Problem Solving. We channel our creativity through the lens of concrete data and analytics, using effective and proven design patterns to deliver elegant solutions. We understand that our work does not exist in a vacum, but instead is a piece of a larger puzzle and will have to fit nicely with the surrounding pieces.

We make it our responsibility to stay updated on the latest technologies and ways to leverage them, so that the end result of our work remains relevant for as long as possible. In every project we do, we keep an eye out for the future, so that when it comes it does not find you unprepared.

Our Team

  • andri_bw

    Andri Xhitoni

    Web Design and Development

  • fadioni_bw

    Fadion Dashi

    Web and Mobile Development

  • sokoli_bw

    Sokol Thanati

    Marketing Consultant

  • andi_bw

    Andi Shameti

    Graphic Design

Our work process

We ask questions. Many of them. We only start working after we have formed a thorough understanding of the problem. During each project we communicate continuously to get the necessary feedback from our clients while exploring, narrowing down, and iterating on the possibilities until we reach the optimal solution.